EastNG is an online community for residents and people of South East of Nigeria to connect with one another, share experiences, deliberate on issues of common concern.

Users of the forum can browse in two ways: guest or member. When using the forum as a guest, you can read posts, comments, replies, carry out some other activities, but you will not be able to participate in discussions. In general, your privileges as a guest user is limited.

On the other hand, you have full privileges when browsing as a member. You can create a post, comment to a post, like a post, report a post, reply a comment, like a comment, report a comment, follow a user, exchange private messages with other forum users, etc. You have full privileges in general level, your state and your local government area. When not in your state or L.G.A., your privileges will be limited.

Emergency Report Service
This service allows you to report emergencies to relevant government agencies for swift response to reduce loss of lives and properties. You can report a criminal activity such as robbery, kidnapping, sabotage, ritual activities; road accidents, health-related issues, riots, fire outbreaks, building mishaps, flood, domestic violence, etc. Your report will be relayed to the concerned agency for immediate response.
Contact us:

  07066572772, 07063418556

eastngforum@gmail.com, valkaycelestino@gmail.com

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