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I'm not writing this because I'm from there but because what I'm going to say is becoming self evident truth.
Ukpor the Headquarters of Nnewi South of Anambra State was once a land locked area and the only place to be so described in the entire Old Nnewi Division. Land locked by three big streams one cannot easily cross without a bridge which was not there then ;Urasi, Ubu and Afara.
Coming to Ukpor then was a problem going out was also a problem which gave room for mockery by other towns. The common dictum then was "na moto ga eje Ukpor mana nti ga-anu." All that was now in the past.
Today not only that moto ejeena Ukpor but that it has from all fronts. What was then considered a disadvantage is now an advantage. The hills if managed well are becoming tourist attractions. So are the streams. The epicentre of the town between five and eight kilometres from all boundaries standing on three hills: Ugwu Afor, Ugwu Onye Zubeerem (nicknamed Ugwu Ekwensu) and Ugwu OdI Enigwe Nso is today housing the legislative, religious, cultural and commercial institutions in the town. These include the Local Government Secretariat, Ukpor Town Hall, St Mary Mother of the Church Catholic Parish, St John's and St Mary's Anglican Churches, Udo Ukpor and Ogwugwu Umuhu shrines and the Strategic Afor Ukpor Market. With the decision of the Emma Nwachukwu led Ukpor Improvement Union to open Nkwo Oha market for commercial activities the horizon has widened and now extended to the Awka Etiti - Isseke Major road nearly divided the town into two.
If what I see Governor Obiano trying to do comes to fruition, it could be interpreted and predicted that Ukpor bounded by more towns than any other in Anambra State will become a converge for : Utuh, Ebenator, Ezinifite, Lilu, Azia, Orsumoghu, Okija, Ihembosi, Ozubulu and Nnewi who have direct boundaries with Ukpor some of them in two places.
One can only imagine what this town will look like when all these link roads are tarred. One can also imagine what it would look like when a University faculty or Department is situated in such a place. Even now the town houses the highest fish eating centre in the entire Old Division at Eke Umudike. Culturally, if the town succeeds in celebrating the Asara Festival devoid of any idol or fetish inclination next year and succeeds in retrieving the Popular Mmanwu Cultural Institution from Cult groups holding it hostage now Ukpor would once again become a destination point of all people.
That St Paul's Seminary Ukpor has played a major role in educating not only Ukpor people but of persons from diverse cultures is something one needs to be proud of. Ka m bu di onye Ukpor. What about you?


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